Milos Milivojevic and Zivorad Nikolic


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Zivorad Nikolic and Milos Milivojevic

The Assembly House, Norwich (Norfolk and Norwich Festival) 2008

This lunchtime recital gave Zivorad Nikolic and Milos Milivojevic, two young Serbian accordionists, the chance to show their remarkable skills and at the same time remind the audience of the wonderful range and versatility of their instruments.

Stretching from the Baroque period to the present day, the programme included an arrangement of Winter from Vivaldi's Seasons. Not a nuance was missed in these much loved vivid movements.

The version of the Chorale and Variations from Mendelssohn's sixth organ sonata was even more impressive. The music was not at all diminished by the transposition as fingers scuttled across the keyboard and volume was shaped by constant subtle changes of pressure on the bellows. All this gave delightful delicacy to the lighter passages as well as satisfying solidity to the rich bass line and great power to the crescendos.

Sarasate's Tarantella lived up to its name in an exotic atmosphere, contrasting with Franck's more refractive Pastorale.

Lundquis' Ballada in three sections started with a sinuous pipe tune that gave way to a wistful aria before resolving into a cheery rondo. Today's style was convincingly displayed in Precz's curiously titled 332.